Hawaiian Night!!!

This Friday night at 7:30p.m. Palmetto High School will be having a Hawaiian Night. Our football team will be playing against St.Pete Lakewood. The students will be able to show off their school spirit by participating in this Friday theme.

Dahnni Thomas the head trainer of the football team stated, “I feel as if the Hawaiian theme is a great idea because its gets all students to participate and show their tiger pride.”

Coach Corbett stated about the Hawaiian theme,” I think it is super fun and super festive and I love anything we do to support school spirit.” Coach Brooke Corbett is head of the Women’s Basketball team. Coach Corbett is very passionate about her students as well as being an active member on campus.

I was able to interview an SGA student Alex Mackendrick, I simply asked, “do you think the student section will be able to pull off this theme and how were you able to come up with this theme?” She stated, “I do think we will be able to pull off this theme because we have been advertising for it and have gotten multiple different types of groups to be incorporated including the cheerleaders. We got this theme from past spirit weeks and believed that everyone has some type of Hawaiian shirt in their closet and thought it would be easy to participate in. The main goal of the ‘Aloha’ themed football game was to try and get more students involved.”


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