St. Pete Lakewood High School Game Interview (Preview)

The point in this interview isn’t for after the game of course, but a crucial interview with Coach Stoldt about what we can all expect and have knowledge of in the upcoming game. This is how it went.

The first question I asked- “Where is the game?”

Coach Stoldt’s answer; “Game is here at Palmetto High School on September 3rd.”

Basic enough. The second question I asked, “When is the game?”

Coach Stoldt’s answer; “Kickoff starts at 7:30.”

The third question I asked, “Describe playing Lakewood in the past?”

Coach Stoldt’s answer; “Very talented team. It’s been a few years now since we’ve played them. But every year they’ve proven to be a playoff team. They have a lot of guys that are able to go and compete at the next level, and this years team shows evidence of that as well.”

The fourth and final question I asked- “If there’s any rivalry, what is it?”

Coach Stoldt’s answer; “Like I said we haven’t played them in the past couple years, but I would say two very strong programs, and close proximity to each other right over the bridge so we are always looking to compete against the best and win those battles.”


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