Football and Covid-19.

The 2021-2022 Palmetto football team was given a scare early in the year when Covid-19 contact tracing resulted in most of the starting defense being quarantined. According to Coach Marino, “[To be] precautionary we got [the team] tested.” Only one player tested positive.

After a day of quarantine and without practice, most of the defense was able to come back, calling into question the methods used to determine who was at risk. Ultimately, it seems the school administration would like to err on the side of caution.

The biggest problem for the team would have been creating a new start list, but the cancelling of the game on august 27th alleviated the qualm temporarily.

Moving forward, the team may have to implement some changes to prevent a quarantine of similar scale, hopefully before everyone has fully returned. Marino has mentioned some of them, “we have protocols in place… we’re telling our guys to sit in the corners of rooms, and [to make sure] you’re not around somebody so you’re not getting quarantined every time somebody gets sick in class.” The team wants to do whatever possible to ensure that the players can get as full a season as possible.


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