Florida Helping With Opportunities

Covid had made a big mess for students last year from what everyone could see, yet it sadly has lingered over into this school year. However, last year kids at our school were given some help with AICE exams being worked around it so that the studying and learning all year for the big test would not just be for nothing. This had made the absolute world to some kids as it meant being able to get their diploma on time or just being one step closer. However, one thing alarming kids this year was community service.

Many know, the AICE Diploma along with 100 community service hours can help kids gain the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship to help with college. However, some kids were not at the 100 hours required before Covid hit last year that are now going to be graduating in 2021. Many in fact seemed to have lost a little hope with such news and feared that even after their efforts, it would be for nothing. I mean I certainly was in that boat. Got my diploma but would be held back because of not getting all my hours done before a pandemic came from out of nowhere. Yet thank you to the school board, people like me can feel hopeful again with what their plan entailed. As of right now, you can submit a form to the school board answering how you were intending to complete the amount of hours you were aiming for, in order to get your desired scholarship. This is in order to make up for the fact that Covid kept many kids from such goals without it being the kids fault at all.

Having such help means the doors towards having the chance at the scholarship has been reopened for many students. Yet do not waste time! Hurry up to fill out the form in order to make sure you have a chance at getting it. Make sure to ask your guidance counselor about it, as they should have received some news about it within the last week or so. Good luck to all who have a second chance at such an opportunity and thank you to the school board for really helping out the students in such a time.