Being Online Affects Our Reality

With the world being in quarantine and the internet being one of the last connections to normality, collectively we have gotten used to spending our days on the internet. This daily use of the internet, having social media being the only way to interact with other, has influenced how we treat others.

Scrolling through social media, you can see hundreds of posts, all uploaded by different people. These posts may include their interests, hobbies, opinions, and whatever else they want to post. On the post you are able to comment your own opinions and how you feel about the post.

The creator of the post most likely is a complete stranger, but you are still allowed to comment your opinions on that post, may it be about the post itself or the creator.

It seems that our lessened in-person contact with each other has lowered the wall between being brutally honest and telling white lies just to be kind.
When skimming through the comments on any post, you have a coin flip chance of whether that comment section will be brutally honest on the verge of straight up insulting or full of white lies to be kind.

With the coin flip chance, you can see two posts, almost identical, with someone who’s not the best at what they’re doing, and they’ll have two completely different toned comments, one that’s spreading white lies and good intentioned advice and other full of blunt opinions and sometimes straight up insults.

The wall that has lowered has blurred the lines of being kind and being honest, allowing people who would never say the things they comment to the person’s face. Insulting someone’s abilities or even their appearance behind a screen, but met with the same person in the real world, they would stick to niceties.

Every day on social media platforms seems to have stopped our internal filter when talking to others. Allowing straight up bullying to be common and even be seen as something that is acceptable to do. The seriousness of these situations seems to have faded through our time on these platforms.

These interactions being a common place on the internet have stilted the conversations we have in real life.

With all our interactions coming from the internet, we have gained more experience of communicating on that platform but at the cost of knowing how to hold conversations in person.

We are so used to talking to others online, and we have lost a lot of the ability of holding those conversations in real life.

All that ability isn’t completely lost, holding basic conversations is still something that comes easy, but holding that conversation seems to have become more difficult, especially among strangers.