History EOC

It’s unbelievable that students in AICE US History have to take a US History EOC on top of taking our AICE test. Juniors are being forced to do it too! A bunch of other students at PHS, including me, would not be complaining if it did something that would benefit us. BUT IT DOES NOT! We are only taking it to improve test scores at our school and in the county. I find this completely ludicrous. Why should we all study and stress over another test, that we should not even be taking or need to take to begin with. Just because the students that actually need to take it do not seem to care enough to pass? 

If so many students cannot seem to score high enough on the EOC then there seems to be an issue. Why not find solutions to the problem instead of causing students to stress out and just putting a band-aid over the issue and hoping it holds. We have enough going on, we most certainly do not need more tests!!  

All I am saying is we should not be picking up other people’s slack and we need to find a better solution to improving test scores without sacrificing the mental health and time of students who have absolutely no business taking this EOC. Maybe this is a wake up call to go out, get some more teachers and possibly a little extra help for the students that cannot pass. I know, it sounds crazy right?