Myles Ormsby Regional Champion in weightlifting

Myles went to regionals for weightlifting this past Friday 4/9, giving him an automatic bid to enter the state title competition in two weeks. He achieved this with a 285 pound (lb) bench and a 295 clean and jerk at 205 lbs. This is a great feat with a total of 580 lbs. Myles is hoping for a huge performance at states to possibly bring a state title back to palmetto. When asked about the achievement he said “Weightlifting is such an under minded sport, being able to take ridiculous amount of weight and get it over your head with perfect form is an amazing feeling that many don’t know.” He then said his trainer told him ” Bench what you can, clean and jerk what you must.” This shows the mentality it takes to be a champion in an individual sport, and the mentality to be an athlete.