School Could Be Your Paycheck?

We all know already this year has been rough for kids at school, yet it seems like school is throwing them a bone in ways they do not realize. Being a senior, I really do not want to be here ever yet I can only get out of coming so much (Thanks mom and dad). Yet by the fourth quarter I realized how to and it is even profitable too but sadly too late for me. A lot of teachers have given up just as much and in one way being bathroom and hall passes. It made me realize that they do not even sign them half the time so they are blank which gave me the biggest idea. If someone were to just simply take one home, scan it on a printer lay it out to have as many as you could and print it out on almost identical paper, then you have a gold mine almost. Only thing to figure out is the original stamp and you could be selling them for a simple dollar or more even. It is kind of surprising that teachers would not think about it but it is also surprising it would take this long to figure out that kind of idea. I am interested to see if anyone really does try and if you do I wish you luck. It is not wrong to be using the resources given to you after all.