Working Fast Food

Having a fast food job in high school can be an easy way to get money for a student. But, working at my job has showed me (as most of my customers tell me) I am overworked and underpaid.

On average the starting pay for a student is $9-10 in a fast food chain. I started with $9 in May, 2020 and almost a year later nothing has changed. I show that place how much I can do while other workers were quitting left and right. Besides a couple people, there’s a whole new crew that does not have experience.

I work almost every school night until 11 pm. Imagine waking up at 5:30 am to go to school for 7 hours to come back home to get ready for a 4-11 pm shift. I get home around 11:30 pm-12 am causing me to get on average 4 hours of sleep. When I get days off I feel like I’ve entered an euphoric state.

Recently, things have been getting better. My old General Manager quit, and now my Area Director sees how much work we do at this job. She came up to us individually to discuss how much we get paid and how she can change that. I told her I was already searching for a job but then she informed me on my raise. Making $11 an hour is a great change and will make a difference in my pay.

I get along with everyone I work with, not so much the customers. I try my hardest to be kind but at times, I get blamed for situations that are not my fault, and there is nothing I hate more than that. Lots of the customers do not understand how short staffed we are constantly. The kind customers are the reason I am staying. I once made someones whole day just because I gave them a free slushy (we do not take Apple pay, they had no cash) they were crying telling me how bad their day was and how I made them feel better. Those are the people I love working for. Customers often times treat us like robots, instead of working human beings.

The restaurant is now closing at 10 pm instead of 12 am and it feels great for all the workers there. After we tell about 10 cars we are closed, we get to relax and clean the store until our shift is over. I am starting to enjoy my job again, I hope it stays that way, or CVS here I come.