Seniors Receive Something

Finally, Seniors are receiving something that nobody was anticipating. After information was given telling students that there will be no Prom or GradBash, leading students to be devastated. Everything has been taken away from the class of 2021, and it really has just unmotivated every senior throughout this school year. Nobody can ever look forward to doing anything because it is not allowed due to COVID. But enough is enough! Palmetto High School is not allowed to sponsor a Prom or GradBash, which is why parents are now taking control of these events to do at least something for the seniors. Seniors received some good news that there will be a prom held at the Manatee County Fairgrounds. This was some exciting news to see that seniors are at least receiving something, because so much has already been taken away. Also, some seniors are taking a stand and doing things for their class so we can enjoy something. This year hasn’t been good for seniors at all and very hard to stay concentrated and focused with so much taken away from these students. Hopefully, everything that students missed out on this year will be made up in college. Also, Seniors are receiving a Senior picnic which is very good news. Students will be able to see each other and have fun right before we go our separate ways after graduation. Hopefully, this year will end on a better note than it started.