Tech Is Running Dry

The tech industry as of late has had many issues with scalpers, short supply and pandemic limitations. At first it did not seem to be a problem, but after the release of new pc tech, it seemed to start unearthing a lot of the issues in the whole system. When the latest pc tech came out, there was limited resources, therefore limited supply. This led to prices going extremely high and sadly without the production to keep up and some essential resources still struggling, it does not seem to have an end in sight of what people were hoping for.

The main issue has now became a global chip shortage. The chip shortage is referring to the chips used in computer components, cars, and even phones which are essential in all parts. This has caused there to be halts in production of vehicles, reduced production in some products by tech companies, and of course inflated prices on some things as well. The chip shortage seemed to be overlooked at first, but now that car manufacturers are being hurt, it seems like more people are looking to take action. However, their actions are being met with mother nature because now things seem to be heating up.

Primary manufacturing of these chips are done in foundries in Taiwan by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Company). Among silicon and precious metals, water is used in the production of the chips. Now mother nature has decided to throw a drought at Taiwan, the worst one they have had in a while on record. This has made it substantially difficult to produce more chips, that they have now been importing giant tankers to try and catch up. Even now with the blocking of the Suez canal having occurred, causing a blockage for days of ships that are filled with multitudes of items being delayed, it has further impeded such ambitions.

This year was looked at with a hope for better times in every way possible. While there seems to be such relief, one of those reliefs is certainly not coming from the tech side of thing. So far domestic car brands like Chevy and Ford have been impacted and phone companies like Apple and Samsung have reported some minor bumps but fortunately not too much. Let’s hope soon enough supply can meet the demand and that all areas of technology can return to some state of normal.