SAT Complaints

Recently our Junior class has taken the SAT tests as an entire class. This test session was paid for by the school making it free for all those that took the test. However, this has made many seniors jealous as they have not received a free test session from the school. This was due to not returning to school last year after the pandemic hit. Many seniors are mad and rightly so. Many students that took the test did not take it seriously. For many dedicated seniors, this was a waste of money that could have been spent on seniors that need to take the test to get into college rather than some student who goes to school only 3 days a week.

Other dedicated Juniors are also upset, because some test monitors were too negligent to check what calculators were accepted and just outlawed any calculators that were not provided to them. This led many advanced students to perform poorly on the calculator portion than they should have. This negligence is uncanny as this is one of, if not, the most important test to get into college.

Perhaps the most often heard complaint from Juniors about that test day was that after a 4-hour long test they still had to go and finish the school day, rather than getting the opportunity to go home. Many Juniors saw this as pointless because they were too mentally exhausted to retain any new information. For many Juniors though, teachers were very understanding of the test and its importance and as such didn’t assign homework for the following day. This was very much appreciated by the Junior class and did make it easier on them for the following day as they returned to normalcy.