Happy 1 Year of Covid

It feels like yesterday we were all excited about getting a two-week spring break due to a little virus known as Covid 19. What we did not know is that that extra week of spring break would turn into online learning, social distancing, and masking up. Here we are one year later and still social distancing and masking up.

However, with the toxic relationship, we have with the virus to sit back and relax as the world accomplished the impossible as we created a vaccine in less than one year. That had never been done before, and we are now getting closer to ending our socially distanced relationship with the virus. As the number sits today, there have been over 123 million vaccines distributed and over 93 million people vaccinated as reported by the CDC. In Florida alone, we have received over 5 million vaccines and vaccinated over 3.5 million Floridians also according to the CDC. Furthermore, there have been almost 75,000 people vaccinated in Manatee county.

Many people are ready and eager to get rid of Covid and return to life as it was one year ago. Hopefully that dream will become reality soon enough that a 2nd anniversary has no chance of happening.