End of Year Stress

High school has been….a walk in the park, well maybe a light jog. But now that the year is almost at the end along with my high school experience, I am SPRINTING in the park and the walk is far behind! For students like me, a junior trying to graduate early to get a head start, it’s so stressful and nothing but anxiety. I can imagine the same if not more for seniors.

With trying to cram in studying for the SAT, ACT, PERT, end of year exams, apply for scholarships, and taking AICE tests, I have no idea where to even start. I have teachers breathing down my neck, and the worst of all my mother. “You better get those scholarships, graduate early, pass all classes with an A, and pay for your own college if you ever want to move out and be successful!” She never misses a day to remind me and add to the stress asz if I haven’t known this the whole time. 

Many students like me have jobs after school at least 3 times a week that come nowhere near close to paying enough for the amount of time and effort put in. Then we are expected to get home late, study, do homework and wake up the next day at 6 am to get ready for school and start the whole process over.


Not only that, but most of us also have to help with our families if its from watching younger siblings or running errands. Its family, what are you supposed to say? No?? When the too short of a weekend finally comes, it’s not over. Most students, especially me, work every weekend all weekend, studies, spend time with family, and I try to maintain a somewhat social life. Then it’s over before you even get a chance to sleep past 8 am.

Even when I finally catch up and feel accomplished, I still know there’s more to be done. This creates an endless cycle of non-stop worrying, anxiety and stress. It can only get better from here I hope.