Seniors before Teachers for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Teachers 65 and older are going to be prioritized in getting the Covid vaccine before teachers under 65 in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis says, “Seniors first is clearly the right policy”. 

DeSantis made it clear that he has no plans to put school employees 65 and under above those who are to allow them to get vaccinated more quickly and before. It seems as of right now that it’s going to be a while until all teachers are able to get the vaccine. 

“Teachers, police, all that, of course a priority. But the question is, who needs to be the top priority?” says the governor, but the answer to his question is the top priority are school employees 65 and older. 

 Already In Martin County, about 100 school employees 65 years of age and older got their vaccines last Saturday. Maybe manatee county is soon, this means palmetto high too. The commissioners of Palm Beach County voted last Tuesday, to ask the Florida Department of Health if they could create a specific site for the vaccines to be distributed for employees 65 and older in the school district of Palm Beach County. If this request is given the go, this means manatee county and other counties in Florida could be next!