Zorians Basketball Interview

DISCLAIMER- All of this was recorded on February 10th, 2021

Zorian Geathers is one of the football players who signed to college at Southeastern University for football, but some may not know his love for basketball, to the extent where he played for all 4 years of high school.

I had an interview with Zorian, and the first question I asked was…

“What grade are you in?”

“I’m a senior, I’m in twelfth grade.”

“What is your position?”

“I play shooting guard.”

“Can you describe your play-style?”

“I’m a three and d guy…we get back on defense, we play strong defense. More of a stretch guy, so I’ll be in the perimeter, driving in, and then do what I got to do in defense, getting rebounds and steals…”

“When and where is going to be the championship for your team?”

“It will be Friday at Saint Pete High School, we have to win our second play off game right now so we play Largo tonight, and Saint Pete at eight o’clock, and if we win that game we will go to the districts championship game, and once we play that game then we will be in the regionals tournament to play state championship.”

“How is your confidence level?”

“Very confident, we had a close game last night and then we pulled it out, we ended up winning by twelve points, it was close the whole game, we came from football so we just had to get our basketball legs under us and get accustomed to playing basketball, I feel like we can make this run for sure.”

“Now that your a senior, how many years have you played basketball here?”

“Four, I’ve played varsity my freshman year.”

I found that him coming into this sport Freshman year on varsity very impressive.

“In those four years is there any accolades you like to share?”

“District championship for sure, our freshman year we weren’t that good, and then sophomore year we made it to the districts championship, and then we lost by like fifteen or twenty and then my junior year we played at the districts championship and we were winning the whole game and it came to the last second shot and they hit a buzzer beater, so they hit the beater and won by one point, so this year needs to be our year for sure. But that’s really the only accolade I’ve been wanting is the district championship, so we gonna get it this year hopefully.”

For future reporters I highly recommend interviewing Zorian Geathers. Zorian was cooperative, easy going and answered the questions and took it seriously while being relaxed.

-Jaden Boyd