Lady Tigers Regional Semi-Finals

Our ladies Tigers has made it to the regional semi-finals!! I am beyond proud of our girls basketball team. They have built an amazing program at our school.

I was able to interview Kaitlyn, a JV player on the girls basketball team. She stated, “I am proud with what varsity has accomplished this season. Winning districts is a huge thing for them and they truly deserve it. I think both coaches Corbett and Ericka are doing a great job leading the girls, they are obviously doing something right. I hope we win it all doing something right. I hope we win it all because everyone has worked for it and I know it would mean the world to everyone because it hasn’t been done in 20 years.”

Coach Corbett, the girls basketball head coach, is extremely happy for the girls. She stated, “Playing for the regional semi finals is a huge deal for our team, we have been putting in a lot of hard work for three years. We get to play at home and with a great crowd, its just a lot of really cool pieces coming together at the right time. I am super excited for our team and the fact that they are making history together, it’s just really fun.”

Alexis Childers captain of the girls basketball team is beyond happy that her team has made it this far. She stated, “When I first came in freshman year I was just trying to find my clique. My upper classmen took me in like I was one of them. Over the years we have grown so much not only on the court but off the court as well. If you would have told me four years ago we would not only be district champions, but also be playing in our regional semi finals I don’t think I would believe it. I have grown to love all of these girls like they are family and I don’t think we would be where we are without each one of them. I’m blessed to be apart of such a great team. I’m proud of the team we’ve become and I can’t wait to see how far we will go. As for the younger lady tigers keep up the hard work never give up and you will achieve all your dreams.”

Elizabeth Hume is one of the girls biggest supporters and team mom. She stated,” As a mom of a varsity player, a part of the program for three years, and an avid supporter for each of the basketball girls, I am beyond excited for the girls to get to play in their second regional game. It’s amazing actually! These girls have worked incredibly hard to get to the position they are in. This success is due to many factors. I think the coaching staff has a heart for these girls to not only succeed athletically, but as young lady’s in all aspects of life. I do not think there’s a coaching staff on any Manatee County Campus that cares so deeply and is so invested in their athletic program as the Ladies Tigers Coaching staff. They make each girls feel as part of a family. A family that’s there for each other in the good, bad, and the ugly! It’s a privilege, no doubt, to be a part of this program! Go Tigers!

The ladies Tigers put there all on the court in the regional semi final. It was a tough a game, the Ladies Tigers managed to beat Wiregrass!!! The final score was 63-61, let’s go tigers!!! Stay tuned, up next Regional Championship…