Loss of Motivation

Some mornings the thought of going to school feels like a burden. It’s not like elementary school anymore, easy, quick days. Once something gets slightly complicated, the feeling of giving up is strong.

Math used to be simple. If help was needed, you would just call the teacher over or wait for someone who has the same question as you to ask. Now, Photo math is my biggest help, I might have to get the premium. Homework has encouraged my loss of motivation. Having a job where you work until close does not make it easy to get work done.

The teachers that do only assign class work, make life much easier, if you have the motivation. Motivation is the desire to do something, or to be willing to do it. Nowadays, many students are losing their motivation, hoping they will get it back before it’s too late. A full time student Megan Winter, grade 11 said “What causes me to lose motivation in school is when work becomes too much and piles up too fast.” The average student has 7 classes to keep up with. At times, all the work causes us students to become too stressed, causing them to not do it at all.

Many students this year have chose online school, and at times it gets rough. An online student, former full time, Ashley Britt grade 12 said “When I am not interested in a subject I lose interest and motivation. Being online, I don’t have structure to keep me on schedule to do my work.” There’s many different factors relating to students loss of motivation in school. This can be work, home problems, or not being in the right headset.

There should be solutions to gaining motivation back for every situation, instead of telling students to, just do it. It takes time to find out your own solution. Megan Winter says ” saying i’ll do it later, is always a bad way to start. How I can change is having better time management in class.” I still yet to find how to get my motivation back, it comes in waves of a couple days. And then I start to understand the craze, of good grades and straight A’s.