Palmetto High School Players Who Signed To College Football.

Here at Palmetto High School we have some of the best football and student athlete’s you could ask for. That being said, these selected players have signed the paper work to officially go to college.

With the first pick of the 2021 college signing, Warner University selects, Karem Ismail- Offensive Line.

With the second pick of the 2021 college signing, Southeastern University selects, Zorian Geathers- Wide Receiver.

With the third pick of the 2021 college signing, Keiser University selects, Josh Siplin- Quarter Back.

With the fourth pick of the 2021 college signing, University of Tennessee at Martin selects, Sagel Hickson- Running Back.

With the fifth and sixth pick of the 2021 college signing, Saint Thomas University selects, Jacquez Hughes- Free Safety, and Rubin Stamp- Corner Back.

During the ceremony, Coach Marino did share a speech to all the parents of these players. Marino went to say “Forget about the wins and loses, its about the experience.”. Marino also said that the ‘key word’ for the team is “commitment”, and that it takes a lot of commitment to play the sport alone and to play at Palmetto High School and praised the team and players that they had a lot of commitment. Marino saying “Thanksgiving day is a work day…” says a lot about the commitment of the staff and players. Marino did describe the day saying “It’s like Christmas day for them signing.”. Marino did give credit where it was due to the counselors saying “Thanks Ms. Durshimer and Ms. Lyles for being great counselors…”

After the ceremony I did get an interview with Coach Marino.

The first question I asked was how he felt about seeing these players he coached go off to college, Marino said “Its a culmination of 4 years spending time with these guys and putting so much effort in the classroom and on the field and in the weight room…its a feeling of joy and accomplishment for these guys to fulfill the dreams they had coming into high school and achieving a goal they had set when they came in as freshman”.

I then asked Coach Marino how many years has he coached, let alone at Palmetto, Marino then quoted “I’ve been coaching for thirty-two years, I’ve been the head coach at Palmetto-just finished up my eleventh season, and I was two years an offensive line coach at Palmetto, so I’ve been for a total of thirteen years here at Palmetto.”

I also told Marino how great his speech was and asked the emotion behind it and the thought process, Marino said “It really comes from the heart with me…” “Its basically how I feel.”

I asked Marino how he described his love for football for high schoolers, and that everyone knows the saying ‘Football is family’, he then quoted- “Well first of all football is probably the greatest team sport, it requires eleven guys on offence, eleven guys on defense, eleven guys on special teams which include the kick-off team. So its so many people that are necessary to have such success in a football game…you have nine guys on the field at one time in baseball, you have five on the court in basketball-football is the most, its eleven guys on the field at any given time. So that being said, the nature of the sport is so many people collectively working together.” He then goes on with his passion and says, “Not just for the game because its a great teacher of life lessons, it also provides the most opportunity for kids. I was a poor kid growing up, had no role models as far as college graduates or people who went to college and football provided me the opportunity to be able to go to college. I played at Ruckers University and had a full ride football scholarship, and that dream wouldn’t have been a reality without the sport of football. So that’s really what put my love for the game and gave me an opportunity to succeed in life and to be able to share that with the kids, its what keeps me going year in and year out.”

That is the 2021 up-to-date signing of Palmetto High Players going to college.

-Jaden Boyd