Cancel the Weather

I am sick (literally) and tired of this weather! Florida is bipolar. Three days in a row it wants to be 60-50 degrees outside acting like I even own clothes warm enough for that type of weather. The next day, it wants to be right back up to warm and sunny beach weather of 75 degrees. Then boom the cycle repeats again the next week. I don’t know how much longer my one jacket can be washed over and over and over. My immune system already can’t take it. Between seasonal allergies and this weather changing 24/7, I’ve already been through a whole bottle of Zyrtec and NyQuil. I had to pour water on my car this morning and actually use the heater to get some type of icy frost off of my car. WHAT IN TARNATION IS THAT ABOUT?! This is f l o r i d a. We don’t do that. Moral of the story, I hate this weather.