McGregor goes down, rises Poirier

Back in 2014 for UFC 178, Conor Mcgregor had won his match against Dustin Poirier with much ease with it being a knock out in the first round. Since then, the two really haven’t duked it out in the ring with each continuing their careers on separate paths and no one knowing if they would cross again. Fast forward to 2021, and the two came back together for rematch but this time having a whole different outcome.

The first round of UFC 257 was great for Poirier as he was executing perfectly in the octagon against McGregor. It seemed like McGregor was taking quite a beating that led to him looking a bit behind on the tempo for the second round. Shortly in after, Poirier was laying a beating of kicks on Mcgregor which allowed him to land the next few shots he needed to seal his victory. McGregor seemed very humble about the income and with this match being the first one out of retirement, it seemed to have fueled the fire to come back in. Poirier will also be continuing his streak, hopefully ending with a title. Much is left to be seen from the two, with one of those hopefully being another rematch.