Students returning back to school 2021

More Students have returned back to school on January 6th at Palmetto High School. In this situation students, parents and staff at Palmetto High School are involved. Students are returning back to school either because E-learning is not working out or because the district has decided to get rid of hybrid. 

The thoughts of going back to school with even more students leave staff, students and parents with mixed emotions.   

I’ve interviewed people to get their opinion about this situation and I can say there are different opinions. 

Lexy Luther a student that currently attends to PHS, briefly explains, “I am happy to see new and familiar faces, as nervous as I was, I feel that the students are very respectful when it comes to safety and they are even taking precautions for themselves and their peers. Hopefully soon we will go back to our normal high school lives but for now we have and make the best of it.”

Zakedrie Rutledge another student that attends PHS anxiously expressed, “I feel like it is getting over crowded. I also feel like more people can get sick faster due to the amount of people that have returned, it will probably cause school to shut down again by this upcoming spring break. Everyone just needs to remain wearing their mask, washing their hands and try to social distance.” 

Amani Dozier a PHS student strictly expressed, “I feel like our school is becoming more crowded which makes it harder for teachers and students to try and social distance. I feel like the more students will just have to keep getting quarantined and have a higher risk of getting exposed to Covid-19 or even getting it.” 

Elizabeth Hume, a parent of a student that attends PHS, calmly expressed, “I am a mom of four kiddos, all whom returned to school in August 2020. While there are many unknowns concerning Covid-19, the research I have read (American Academy of Pediatrics) states the risk of school aged children becoming gravely ill due to Covid is incredibly low, very statistically low. Based on this information I am comfortable that my children return to school during this time. Personally, I have felt the amount of fear projected from news outlets is not based on scientific evidence. Again, I am very aware that there are many unknowns concerning this virus and I am willing at any point to re-evaluate my personal feelings and change my thoughts based on evidence. I am more concerned about the increase of school age depression and suicide due to isolation.”

Most staffs and parents wants to send students back to school, but fear the risk of  contracting Covid-19.