Covid-19 vaccine waiting list

Covid-19 is still a pressing issue today. It has shut down many companies and was the cause for a worldwide panic. The government has recently released a vaccine in December of 2020 but, there is a long waiting list for most people.

As recommend by the CDC, the first people to receive the vaccine are to be health care workers and elderly people. The next in line are essential workers, older adults and people who have medical conditions. Children and other young adults without health concerns are last on this waiting list. The order of the list was determined by who is more likely to come in contact with the illness and who it will effect the most.

Its is estimated that all Americans that want the vaccine will have it by June of 2021 according to Paul Ostrowski, who is an official working with Operation Warp Speed. The main question is, why is there a waiting list in the first place? The most simple answer is we do not have enough for everyone right now. There was a very limited amount of initial supplies distributed so the CDC and the government had to find a proper and fair way to disperse the amount they do have.

Although it may seem like something so far away for most of us healthy teenagers, the vaccine waiting list is becoming shorter and shorter everyday and it could be available to us sooner then you think.