Schedule Changes

It is known that there are many changes happening at Palmetto High school. The major thing happening is schedule changes that are being changed due to kids switching their modality. Many teachers, students, and parents are worried how their schedules will be changed. However, the actual question is how many students actually changed and what is the amount of schedules that have to be changed?

The deadline of schedule changes are “November 2nd” which was stated by our own counselor Mrs.Durshimer. This means that all schedules for students that changed their modality is on Monday November 2nd. Also stated by our counselor Mrs. Durshimer was there are “around 600 students that are needing their schedules changed”. With the amount of schedules being changed I also asked her the question of how does she feel about the changes. She stated that “it is a lot of work, but they have to be changed”.

Since students are needing their schedules changed because of their modality, the next question was how many students changed their modality. One of the modality that many students were in was hybrid but lots of students were wanting to get rid of hybrid. A question was asked by Monica Delesline was how many students were changing from hybrid. She replied with “288 students were getting rid of hybrid and 66 of these students choose full time online and 222 students choose full time on campus”. This shows that many students wanted to change their modality from hybrid but not every student.

As of right now, our staff and especially our counselors have a lot of work.  Many students are wanting their schedules changed and are even worried about how they will be changed. It is shown by Mrs. Durshimer and Monica Delesline that this process is a lot of work.