The Change of Hybrid

Many students are wanting answers on the plan of hybrid. Since the students have returned to school they had three options on how to return back to school. Those options were either full time on campus, full time online, and hybrid which was two days in school and three days online. However ever since the first quarter ended there have been rumors saying that hybrid is going to be taken away. So many students are wanting answers and asking teachers if they know the answers. But they are not for sure!

However the school board had a meeting right before the first quarter ended and came up with their plan. It has came to our teachers attention what the plan may look like for our school.

One of the plans that the school board came up with is to get rid of hybrid for the students that are not working well with this type of learning. This means that if a students is failing and not passing they are in jeopardy of returning to school full time. The students will have no choice to return back to school full time and not even have a choice to go full time online. Their plan is to make this effective be November.

Another plan the school board came up with is by January there should be no hybrid. Students choices are either full time at school or full time online. If a student decides to be full time online there will not be using the platform of Schoology but will be using the platform of FLVS.

However these plans are not set and stone because anything can change. Reasons on why they would change their plan is because of the pandemic spiking or because of the parent survey. If the pandemic is still spreading we may not be able to go back full time and if many parents choose to keep their kid hybrid the school board has to put that in consideration.

The crazy part of this is there is no actual set plan but there are deadlines of when hybrid should be taken away and what it should look like for the school year. Us as Palmetto high students and staff just want an exact answer.