Upcoming Election Day

The 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have been going on over the last two weeks. First starting off with the presidential nominees of the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. Current US President Donald Trump is attempting to get re-elected. While former vice president under the Obama Administration Joe Biden is attempting to get elected. The first presidential debate was September 29th.

The whole debate itself was a wild mess, as a lot of the debating was the candidates talking over each other. The moderator was having trouble keeping control of the debate at all. New rules going forward on the debates will be implemented. The presidential debate that was supposed to happen on October 15th has been cancelled and the next scheduled debate will be October 22nd.

The vice presidential debate was a lot more organized and well put together. Current Republican Vice President Mike Pence is going against Kamala Harris, who is the former Senator of California. This debate went rather smoothly as each candidate had their own time to speak on the topics given by the moderator. Whoever wins the election can change a lot at Palmetto. The taxes could go up, more money could be given to us, more regulations for COVID-19, etc. There is a lot of important factors that go into a president that can change a lot of our community and our country. As the debates go on, and more people are keen and prepared to vote, we hope that the debates can go smoothly to ensure the American people know what they want for our country.