Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta has just turned into a category 2 hurricane. It is in the Gulf of Mexico currently. Hurricanes right now are in a weird stage. Texas A&M University has come out and said that hurricanes pick up the cold water from the bottom of the ocean and will bring it to the surface. They’ll collect this water instead and that will leave more space to get hotter water. This could mean a stronger hurricane in general.

Hurricane Delta is on course to hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Florida. There is a chance that this hurricane could veer off its collision course and hit more of Florida which could impact more. Not only is COVID-19 keeping most people indoors, a hurricane would definitely do the trick. Louisiana was just recently hit by Hurricane Laura not too long ago that devastated it. With another hurricane far from the coast and a lot of potential to pick up strength, we must carefully watch how this hurricane turns out. This can effect Palmetto as the hurricane can turn and veer into our area and can shut down the area. Maybe even have evacuations. This hurricane could turn deadly very quickly.