Palmetto vs Largo

Palmetto Tiger Football was on a roll last week against Port Charlotte. Going into this week, still trying to live up to their hype. The first score of the game came with 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter, as quarterback Josh Siplin had a 30 yard touchdown run. They had great field position after the Packers had a muffed punt. The Tigers hold the Packers to another 4th down turnover, as they drove down the field to get a field goal at the beginning of the 2nd quarter to give Palmetto a 10-0 lead. Largo starts to drive, as they come up on a 3rd and 6 at Palmetto’s 36. MLB Cedric Augustine gets a huge sack forcing them to punt. Siplin and this Palmetto offense drive straight down the field. Siplin finds Alzavien Houston for a 22 yard touchdown pass. Giving Palmetto a 16-0 lead.

Jaylen Wester makes a huge play getting a pick-6 for Palmetto to give them a 23-0 lead. Palmetto is slowly pulling away from the Packers and are try to continue the pressure. Halftime comes and Largo starts off with the ball. They are pinned deep in their own territory again as Myles Ormsby gets good pressure, as the Largo QB is forced to throw a ball. Jacquez Hughes gets a interception and takes it to Largo’s 20 yard line. Siplin instantly puts the pressure on, with a 20 yard touchdown pass to Quay Smith. The offensive line is giving Siplin lots of time to go through his progressions and make the throws he needs to as the Tigers lead 30-0.

Largo needs to make a drive happen right here. The Tigers defense is just too much as Cedric Augustine once again, gets a huge sack on 4th and 15 to give the Tigers good field position once again. Siplin is leading this Palmetto Tigers offense right down the field, ending the drive on a 7 yard QB sweep run to give them a 37-0 lead. The clock starts running out as Largo scores a touchdown with 2:00 left, but it was way too late for them to make a comeback. The Tigers played great against the Packers and showed that they still have the talent to make a deep run in the playoffs.