Cancel Schoology :)

Schoology is the worst. I hate it with a passion.

It always lags when you try to log in or click on anything. AND there is A LOT of folders and assignments to click on. This is mostly because teachers were not meant or trained to be online teachers so they have absolutely no clue how it works…along with the students. If the teachers don’t even know how it works how should the students know?

Not only is that annoying but it’s frustrating when you have to use Schoology for an assignment in school or to turn things in and the dang app can’t even load. IT’S MEANT FOR SCHOOL WORK AND I CAN’T EVEN USE IT IN SCHOOL.

Also, when I’m absent for school, I’m absent for a reason. If I had time to do school work online at home while I’m absent from physically going to school, then I wouldn’t have missed school in the first place. SO DON’T TELL ME “WhY dIdN’t YoU dO iT? iT wAs On ScHoOlOgY.” To top it off, it tells the teacher when my assignments are late. Yes, that’s my fault but come onnnnn.

If I see the “Something went wrong but we’re working on it!” loading screen one more time, I’m dropping out.