Palmetto’s WIFI Rant

As all students of Palmetto High school know our complaint about the WIFI. Each year many students complain that our WIFI never works and is always shutting down, whether they are using computers or their phones. As we entered the year of 2020 the school year has been relying on the internet because many students have to turn in work online and even get their work online like Schoology.

Since many students are using the internet at school our WIFI has had many problems, such as shutting down and not working. There also has been some problems with the internet working so slow that most kids can not get their work done due to them waiting for the computer or their phone to load.

The kids of Palmetto High are tired of the school WIFI and want change. They are tired of not being able to do their work and even sometimes turn it in. The students of Palmetto High School want CHANGE!