Theresa’s Restaurant is Forced to Move

The smell of flowers, bacon and freshly brewed coffee radiates throughout Theresa’s restaurant. Located on 14th street west, Theresa’s has been a monument in downtown Bradenton for over 30 years.

“Its a friendly place, she (Ms. Jodi) knows me, she knows my order. As soon as I come in she knows exactly what I want and makes everyone feel welcome” –Shannon, a regular at Theresa’s

With two appearances on restaurant impossible with Robert Irvine, the local brunch spot has amassed a small, tight-knit community of church goers and foodies. For the past 15 years Theresa’s has been owned and operated by Ms. Jodi Boucher, she runs the restaurant with her son, a waiter named Matt and her long time boyfriend John Cavallaro. For the 15 years that Jodi Boucher has owned the restaurant, she has ensured that it stays a booming success despite any economic hardship going on at the time.

“In 2008, all of the businesses around us went down and went out, but we stayed here and never missed a single rent payment.”- John Cavallaro

Needless to say, when word got out that Theresa’s was moving, the community that Jodi has spent 15 years building and maintaining was upset and confused. After all this time, why would Theresa’s have to move from its iconic location? What could have possibly happened?

“The air conditioner went out on the first of June”- Jodi Boucher

Theresa’s air conditioner broke for the last time on the first of June, over the years there have been many issues with the restaurant and Jodi has dealt with all of them without help from the landlord. Jodi had two different A/C companies come inspect the air conditioner and they both told her that it was too old and needed to be replaced. The timing could not have been worse, not only was it the middle of summer, it was also right around the time Covid-19 started to close down businesses.

“When the pandemic hit, we were closed for a month and then only open half the time at half capacity… we were struggling, some days we would only make $130 because everything around us was closed and everyone was home.” – Jodi Boucher

However, Jodi wasn’t worried because she was still paying rent and she had a verbal agreement with her landlord who told her that he would replace the air conditioner and renew their lease for another 1-3 years. Unfortunately, Jodi’s landlord ended up in the hospital due to an illness. This meant that his son “Buddy” would be taking over the landlord responsibilities.

“When his son started taking over, that’s when it got bad”-  Jodi boucher

Soon after Buddy took over things stopped going smoothly. Jodi was told time and time again that her air conditioner would be fixed, but to no avail. Since the A/C broke in June, more problems have surfaced as a result of buddy’s failure to get a new A/C.

  “My roof isn’t up to code anymore, and now I have a hole in my kitchen. Its costing me business too, people will come in and walk out because it’s too hot and they cant’t breathe.” 

after months of nasty fighting with her landlords son, an eviction notice was left on Theresa’s restaurants door. Jodi, tired of fighting and unable to work out a new deal, has decided to move to a new location. When a regular named Mark Jaeger was asked how he felt about the move he only had two words…

“It Sucks”

Theresa’s restaurant will be moving to an undecided location in downtown Bradenton, and all the things everyone loves about theresa’s.