Zoey’s Final Blog

Final Blog of My Highschool Career:

COVID-19 is officially settling down as businesses begin to open again and people are able to go back to work. Online schooling has been a journey for teachers, students, and parents, as everyone has learned how to work it. Aside from COVID-19 and online schooling, seniors are a little over a week away from their last day of high school. It is difficult knowing that, as a senior, you never got to walk back into the halls, see your friends, and interact with your teachers once more. However, all seniors have worked very hard to get where they are today. Many years of schooling later, and now the seniors are ready to take the new steps in their journey. As a senior, I know that the memories I have made at Palmetto High School will be remembered and cherished forever. We also know that Palmetto staff and fellow students are cheering each other on, especially seniors, as we all finish out the school year. Palmetto is so excited for the upcoming schoolyear and what’s to come!

-Zoey Jones