Emily’s Blog

So, my quarantine has not been as much of a bummer as I realize it has been for others. I think that it’s due to the fact that mine has been quite unconventional. Quarantine brought me a job opportunity, I was hired at Publix at the end of March and I’ve been busy working ever since. I’ve also taken this time to do things for myself like going for runs and doing yoga, which is something i did’t have much time for before. Overall, quarantine has been a pretty positive thing for me. However, I do miss school from time to time because i miss seeing my friends and teachers. Aside from them, I’ve very much enjoyed the flexibility that the shift to online has offered. I’ve missed the beach terribly but am super happy that it’s officially opened back up to the public as of today! On another positive note, quarantine has really made me realize the type of bad spending habits i have too, I never really noticed how much I actually ate out until I wasn’t able to anymore. I miss going out to eat, I just feel blessed that most of my favorite places still provide take out otherwise I think I’d be experiencing the effects of this quarantine a lot harder! Another positive thing quarantine has brought me is an excuse to learn how to cook. I’ve been spending lots of free time (when I’m not working)  in the kitchen, and It’s great! I never knew how gratifying it was to be able to cook something very yummy and be able to say that you made it all on your own. I’ve been baking some banana bread frequently too, which is a fan favorite in my household. All in all I haven’t been too bummed out by this quarantine and merely view it as a pre-summer, I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and trying new hobbies in these crazy times!