Chloe’s Blog

It is crazy to think that 4 months ago students like me at Palmetto High School were living our normal lives doing our daily routines. Going to school, the store, the beach, and restaurants were just normal things we did not think twice about. When Covid-19 hit, that all changed. Now I cannot even go to the store to get toilet paper without it being completely gone and seeing people with masks left and right. I recently have seen changes in everyone’s life, but especially my own. My schedule has changed drastically. I wake up at 11pm and go to sleep by 4am compared to when I would wake up at 5am and go to sleep by 9pm. Instead of my day consisting of school, sports, homework, friends, work etc., it now looks more like house chores, working out in the garage, no friends, procrastination of online school and naps. Personally, I am sick of it already. I am currently out of a job due to the virus and have no money AND I am even more bored now. My new job is apparently a babysitter and teacher to my 3 younger siblings…with no pay. Along with everyone else, I am hoping this will clear up soon and we can all go back to our “normal” lives before we all start to go crazy!