Rafael’s Blog

It is pretty hard to look around and not see how much has changed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. What was said to just be something small and something that was under control, has turned the world to fear and panic. It honestly in some small and big ways has affected my own personal life. I work at a grocery store for one, in the back dealing with inventory and stocking the shelves and it just feels like a dream. Once Covid-19 picked up in the United States it was complete horror. People just bought whatever they could of meat, water, bread, canned items and produce. It was as if they thought the world was ending and everything would close. The panic and fear was a nightmare to deal with but aside from the craziness of work more things had changed. School had turned to online and hanging out with friends had now become a definite no. Beaches even closed down and so many restaurants and food places had turned to takeout or delivery only. Among all that it seemed like everyone was ready to turn on one another. Anytime I worked I would see someone cough and everyone immediately stares and steps away as if the person is about to explode. So many are suffering too with the fact that really only essential businesses are allowed to remain open. Covid-19 has put a hurt on so much of the world and hopefully soon enough the whole world can heal from this and come back stronger.