How to Combat Procrastination During COVID-19

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Saturday that K-12 schools in the state will be closed for the rest of the academic year, joining a growing list of states doing the same.” April 18th, 2020.


Throughout my experience of online school during the pandemic of the 21st century, I have experienced that procrastination is my worst enemy. It is so easy to get distracted when working from home, that I often find myself doing chores or errands instead of classwork. Unfortunately, I am not the only one facing this problem.

An anonymous PHS 11th grader states “I have ADHD and I cannot focus when I am not in school. I feel like doing everything else except my school work.”

So with that being said, what are some ways that you can work through procrastination during this crisis? With these ten ways to stop procrastinating, you may find something to help you in the long run!

Stay Organized! 

The first step to getting over procrastination is to stay organized! You cannot get started if you do not know what assignments are due and which assignments are not due! In order to easily keep track of your assignments, try using a planner.

Set Simple Goals

For students who procrastinate as much as I do, this simple step will work wonders. Part of procrastination is feeling overwhelmed from all the work you have to do. So in order to avoid that, try setting simple, easily achievable goals for yourself. Because these goals are easy, you will get a sense of accomplishment when you find yourself achieving these goals and getting a lot of work done!

Plan your week!

A good way to really keep track of your work load is by planning your schedule for the week! Think about it like this; at school you have a daily routine. Since we are out of school that routine is gone! If you plan your week ahead and establish a new routine for yourself, it may help you achieve that routine that you have been missing for so long.

Set a deadline for yourself

Setting a deadline for yourself goes hand in hand with setting goals for yourself. When writing your goals, setting a deadline will help you feel motivated to get your work done within that time period.

Get rid of distractions!

This step is without a doubt, easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Try thinking of the biggest distractions in your house. For some people, their biggest distractions may be their phone or their friends. However, for other people their distractions may be that they have to babysit their siblings all the time, or that they are working to help support their family. Whatever your reason may be, you have to find ways to work around these obstacles. Try turning your phone off and give it to someone that will hold on to it while you work. If you have to babysit your siblings, try working when everyone is asleep, like early in the morning or late at night.

Time yourself!

Do you take a long time on your assignments? This may be because you can’t focus, or because you like to do your best on the assignment. Either way, all of your workload is due at the end of the week, and it is imperative that you get it done! A good way to keep yourself on track is by timing how long it takes you to get your assignments done.


Take a break

Believe it or not, breaks will be your best friend! Think about it realistically, it’s not easy to power through all your assignments in the same day, and it’s also not good for your grades. Try spending two hours on classwork without any distractions, once that time is over, get up and take an hour break. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. After this break, spend another hour to an hour and a half on your classwork.


Use your school resources!!!!

A large part of why students are not getting work done is because they do not have the programs or resources to do the assignments. However, the school has many resources you can use! For example, on the school website MY SDMC, you can access all of office for completely free!


Get the hard stuff done first

You know the really late assignments that you haven’t turned in because the assignments are hard? That factor right there is the root of your procrastination. I have found that if you get the missing work/hard work done first, the workload is much easier afterwards! Once you work through those challenges, you’ll find that they weren’t that hard at all, and that it feels good to be accomplished.


Tell someone about your goal

Last but certainly not least, telling someone about your goal can really help you feel motivated. Try telling your goal to a close family member or a friend, this way they can encourage you to get your work done faster.


P.S., You got this!

Always remember that no matter what happens, you got this! During this crisis, it is important that we all work together and to help those in need. If you are stressed out about an assignment, or you need help with something, reach out to your teacher! Chances are, they will be very understanding because of the situation!