Covid-19 Affecting Expecting Moms

Throughout this global pandemic also known as COVID-19, thousands of people have been affected by this vigorous virus. Many of people in the United States have filed for unemployment as many workers begin to be laid off as non-essential businesses have begun closing down until the virus is contained.

A group of people who people do not really tend to recognize is expectant mothers. Throughout the time that COVID-19 has been here, mothers going to give birth in a hospital have no one to hold their hand or have moral support due to the virus.  When the virus had just begun, expectant mothers were told that they could only have one person in their delivery room. This brought up a lot o conflict since expectant mothers could not have the support of their spouse and their parents in their room with them on their big day.

Due to the fact that these expectant mothers are unable to be with their loved ones on their big day, woman across the world have decided to do home births such as water births to welcome their loved ones into the world. Of course, with an at home birth, there is no medication involved meaning the birth will have to be natural. Woman across the world are making this sacrifice to have their loved ones comfort them during the difficult birth. Throughout this difficult time, expectant mothers are sacrificing a lot to bring their little ones into the world.