Zoey’s Blog

Week 3: Day in the Life During Corona

It has been awhile since I have written a blog. Today marks week 3 of online schooling and quarantine. So far I have done:

  •  A lot of schoolwork
  •  Made whipped coffee  (the new trend)
  •  Went on many walks
  •  FaceTimed/Zoomed my friends and family
  •  Sang Karaoke with my family

Though it may not seem like a lot, I have tried to occupy myself to help time pass. However, I was able to do something very special for prom night that I will cherish forever. April 9th was supposed to be our prom night, many people had their dresses picked out, and had made plans. However these plans did not occur as many people imagined. But on this night, two very special people, made this night for me by surprising me. Although we could not go anywhere, they still made it special. I hope that once quarantine is over, we will all  be able to celebrate!

-Zoey Jones