Lucas’s Blog

Being stuck inside is such a change. Having to stay inside and wait as time ticks just to wake up the next day to do the same thing. Time feels slower, even when we are out of school. Staying inside playing Xbox with friends or scrolling through TikTok hoping it’ll make my day go by faster. We are still allowed outside, just very little and you’re not allowed to hang out with friends. The most surprising part would be how time seems to go by faster when we are doing online school work.

One of the only good parts about this quarantine would be finding new hobbies. I’ve found new games on Xbox to play and have been able to learn to cook a lot of different foods. The worst part is not being able to see friends for a long time. It’s tough not hanging out with people that make things a lot easier in life. Going through COVID-19 has changed a lot of people.