Rylee’s Blog

During this “corona-cation”, life has been very boring for me. All the things I would normally do such as watch sport or go hang out with my friends has been canceled. The reaction is just, but you also hear a lot of false information regarding the corona virus, which causes confusion. People have also been hording paper products and severely over buying for themselves as  many stores have introduced a no return policy on these item. For example,  Publix ,who normally will take everything back, now will not accept most items back, due to horde buying. Grocery stores have also been limiting the number of a certain type of product you can buy during the epidemic. These limited areas consist of baby wipes, meat products, and paper products. Manatee county has also closed down all, the beaches and boat ramps because people were congregating on sandbars and at the beach too often. This is a huge bummer because I enjoy fishing a lot, but you just have to be able to role with it in these hard times I guess.