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Living in Corona – Day 1:

Today’s date is March 30th, 2020 and today is also the day that students at Palmetto High begin completing online school. Since the global pandemic, COVID-19, my life and many others have changed. Although this quarantine has many cons, there are a few pros that the Coronavirus has given me. For one, I have never slept more in my life. Whenever I find myself bored, or trying to find out what to do next, a long three to four nap seem like the easiest thing one can do. Although my sleep schedule has gone to falling asleep at four in the morning and waking up around noon, this new schedule makes my day go by a lot faster.

If you know me in real life, you know that I, Kieran Persaud, am a BIG fan of the infamous app TikTok. I am not that good of a dancer to begin with, but during this quarantine I have been able to relieve my stress by learning various dances and making entertaining content for my friends and I to laugh at. Trends such as the whipped coffee and Blinding Lights dance challenge allow us to be kept busy and active during this tough time. TikTok is another great way to make time pass by easily. All together I have watched approximately 122 MILLION TikTok videos and it is more than likely that half of that number came from being in quarantine. Also, I find myself binge watching new shows on Netflix such as All American, Good Girls, and a classic Greys Anatomy.

Now that our short and uneventful spring break is over, students must begin completing online school. As of right now, the Schoology site keeps crashing. I know with time the online school concept will continue to get easier the more we complete our assignments. It is truly sad that our senior year has to have this brutal of an end. Well, thats all for now. Stay safe and wash your hands!

xoxo, Kieran!!