Teagan’s Blog

Just a little glimpse into my daily life with the COVID-19 Pandemic occurring right now, my house is chaotic. Both of my parents are in the medical field. My mom works from home sometimes, but then goes into Manatee Memorial to help out. My Dad works for Manatee County Paramedics coming into contact with patients on ambulances for almost 24 hours at a time. Both of them are healthy and are always practicing good hygiene to ensure they are not bringing home the virus with them.

I have 2 sisters that live with me as well as 4 brothers, all younger then me, my house is crazy. We have to find ways to entertain everyone everyday and make sure the house stays quiet enough for my mom to work on her computer. The quarantine has really opened all of our eyes to finding weird ways to keep ourselves entertained.

We have painted practically everything we have in the garage, we’ve driven our golf cart up and down the neighborhood it seems like over a hundred times; and I can say I’ve definitely been eating a lot more.

Many of the Palmetto seniors, including myself, really hope school is coming back. This isn’t exactly “fun” for us. This is our last year and we wanted it to be memorable and share moments with our friends. Now it’ll be memorable for all of the wrong reasons. We are still unsure if we will have our senior prom or if we will even get to walk the stage. Right now my main focus is staying on top of recent updates from the school and keeping up with school work.