15 Biomed Students are BACE Certified!

Here at Palmetto High, students who are interested in having a career in the medical field will usually find themselves in Ms. Dowell’s biomedical classes. The biomedical program itself consists of four classes, and with an 80% score on the BACE test, students will then become eligible to earn their white coat which deems them BACE certified which is a great thing to have from college applications. Earlier this month, fifteen biomedical students took the BACE exam on February 12th and 13th . The exam itself takes a total of seven hours to complete. Half of the exam is practical, the remaining half is a lab. Students who took the BACE were required to use their knowledge from the three biomedical classes they had taken before to pass the exam. Some of the topics the students were required to know were, medical math, gel electrophoresis  and many more. In 2019, only three students passed the BACE exam, now in the year of 2020 all 15 students who registered to take the exam passed! This is a huge success for teacher Ms. Dowell along with the students who passed.

The following students are now BACE certified:

  • Aislin Kemmerer
  • Makenna Simpson
  • Daphney Augustin
  • Sydney Melvin
  • Amanda Shockley
  • Mara Behringer
  • Gloria Rouchen
  • Lauren Genewick
  • Katie Hudson
  • Raul Tapia
  • Karson Franquiero
  • Keaton Maas
  • Eve Nguyen
  • Caitlyn Calderon
  • Hailey Lysobey