Palmetto Getting A Needed Revamp?

Palmetto High School for years has faced extreme flooding throughout the campus that causes extreme inconvenience. Anyone on campus can tell you how much it sucks when the rainy season comes. Kids’ shoes and socks get soaked, hallways get muddy and dirty, and some buildings need sandbags. It is even more alarming because the flood water can carry harmful bacteria and cause illnesses to the poor students who cannot avoid it, causing it to be a health hazard. Thankfully there will most likely be a solution for it; and this time it’s not a temporary one.

The school board met about two weeks ago on a Friday for a workshop and discussed this long going issue that has been re-occurring so much. The school board members in the meeting shared their most honest opinions over it and almost all of them agreed they are tired of only having short term solutions (such as digging deeper retention ponds) and are looking for one final solution to fix it all. That is when they thought of probably one of the most ideal solutions for the problem… to rebuild the school. The school board was looking at the elevation and at the time it was originally built, it was okay for the ground level that most buildings that face flooding were built at.

However, now they would not be allowed at all therefore, the school board is looking to tear down parts of the campus that are too low, elevate the area to a height that it will not flood and then rebuild on it. This is seen to be a permanent fix perfect for the kids and generations to come. Right now the budget seen for it is about $20 million dollars but it most likely will go up over time if the plans are 100 percent approved. However, many see it going through as it is greatly needed in order to stop this annoying issue and to keep the kids safe year round.