Sweater SZN!

Temperatures are dropping and sweaters are coming out hot in fashion. Palmetto had its first “sweater weather” day and students are bringing out their latest sweater trends. Ladies, putting on those long sweaters and pairing it with leggings or jeans. You can top that off with a pair of boots with fuzzy socks and you are ready for school runway. Casual looks can include a cardigan over a t-shirt and pairing that with leggings/jeans and your favorite sneakers.

With Florida’s bipolar weather, you might have to look into what your sweater is made out of. Being cool and breezy in the morning can lead to being humid and hot around noon time. Cotton sweaters are a wise choice around this time a year. It is very light and cozy but still can keep you warm in the cool mornings. Wool and knit sweaters keep you warm and secured throughout the whole entire cold, breezy day. But be careful, Florida’s weather can pull a fast one on you.

Men, pair those pull-over hoodies with your favorite pair of jeans and shoes. Long sleeves and v-neck crew sweaters can keep you warm but still maintain a fashionable statement. No matter what fashion or statement you want to make, keep warm and rock those sweater weather items.