All-Star Season Around the Corner

All-star cheerleading season is creeping up ad starting up for most gyms in November. Cheerleaders and coaches are gearing up for showcases that will most likely take place in the next week or so. The nerves and adrenaline are already boiling in teams that are urging to compete their first competition. All-star cheerleading is changing more every year, competition is getting harder, and the skills being performed are becoming more dangerous than ever. Most teams are looking forward to getting a chance in getting the paid Summit bid or a paid Worlds bid. These teams know they will have to practice harder than any year before to reach the top and receive the bids. This means practices will become longer and possibly four to five times a week.

Kacy Bua, an All-star cheerleader from Top Dog All-Stars on Hail, Said ” We’re aiming for big goals this season, we want a Summit bid right off the bat, hopefully first competition, we’re aiming to win big, and most importantly just have great season with each other and keep the great bonds we’ve made with one another over summer practices.

Division one gyms like Top Dog All-stars and Brandon All-stars, and division two gyms like Evo Athletics, are all practicing extremely hard for the summit bids. This upcoming month of November is a big one for the All-star cheer world. Its time for every team to set the bar high for the rest of their season.

Chloe Maddaloni, an All-star cheerleader for Brandon All-stars, stated, “I’m excited for our showcase, its coming fast, but we’re prepared.”

So if you know an All-star cheerleaders, just know they are getting ready for a huge season ahead of them, and maybe attend a showcase or two. You’d be surprised at how talented some of the athletes truly are.