Spirit week has officially started with class color day kicking it off. The colors for each class are Freshmen green, Sophomore blue, Juniors, yellow, and Seniors pink. Each class is starting to display spirit by wearing their color. The other upcoming days are “Athletes” VS. “Mathletes” on Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and to end the week there is school spirit day. These days are unique and hopefully there will be full participation throughout all grades. Spirit week is meant to get school spirit and participation up by dressing up and maybe even looking a little wacky. It is supposed to be a laid back week to dress silly and overall have fun. The new days will be fun as well, there has not been an “Athletes” VS. “Mathletes” or Wacky Wednesday in a while so that will hopefully have a good turnout of participation. The “Athletes” VS. “Mathletes” is a new idea and it will be fun to see what people choose to be on Tuesday.

“I think that Athletes VS. Mathletes day is creative and it will have an interesting interpretation” says Sophomore, Ava Skon. The Wacky Wednesday will also be interesting as there is a wide variety of things that can be done with it. “I am excited for Wacky Wednesday and I believe it will be fun because there are so many ideas that people can do with it” said Sophomore, Mattison Mathews.

The upcoming week will also have extra festivities in and out of school. During School there will be prizes given out at lunch for participation during the days, as well as little games that can be played during A and B lunches. There will also be a pep rally type of event during the lunches on Friday, which is school spirit day. Out of school there will of course be the Homecoming dance that is this Saturday. There will also be a movie on the lawn on Thursday which is Throwback Thursday therefore, it is going to be a “throwback” movie. The last thing that will end Homecoming week will be the Homecoming game next Friday where the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at. These are overall the events for the upcoming week and it should be fun and exciting to see all of the school spirit that will be displayed.