Volley For The Cure

Along with the beginning of October, breast cancer awareness month rolls in. To show our love and support for everyone who has either dealt with it first hand or has or had a family member or friend that have been apart of the fight, Florida has the Volley For The Cure program. The program itself was started in 2006 with the main goal being just to bring awareness to the diease. This program has become an important fundraiser that donates its proceeds in order to find a cure for breast cancer.

Hosted at Southeast high school this year, Palmetto high is playing to help raise the money. The game takes place at Southeast on Monday, October 7th starting at 6:00 p.m. with both JV and varsity playing. Earlier in the year, members of the volleyball team here at Palmetto were selling pink shirts to help raise money. Volley For The Cure is a fun and interactive way to educate young girls and all women in general about breast cancer so they know to be prepared because it can happen to anyone. Having a world so technologically advanced that cancer in general is a thing of the past is what we strive for but, until then it is extremely beneficial to educate and raise money to find a cure.