Palmetto Baseball Team Donates Care Package to The Bahamas

When category five hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas it did not hit light. After seeing the devastation it caused, Palmetto high school baseball coach and teacher, Logan Fleming was quick to take action. He and the baseball team decided to help the people that lost their homes, loved ones, and possessions in the natural disaster by starting a donation drive in an attempt to collect anything they could to help out. After only a few days, the turn out was huge. Word got around quickly and all of Palmetto high school was chipping in. Donating clothes, backpacks, board games, sports equipment, and various other supplies in an attempt to help in any way they could. The entire baseball locker room was packed full of boxes and bags for the Bahamas.

When asked why they decided to start this, coach Fleming said,

“I felt like with all these people having nothing, and everything getting washed away, it was the right thing to do. Someone has to step up and do something, so it might as well be me”.

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, and thanks to the generous students and staff of Palmetto high school, we can say we helped make a difference,