Speed It Up!!

Public service announcement to all Palmetto students! We have about six minutes to walk to each of our classes, which is cut short by many teachers “working bell to bell” and not letting students pack up early. With these new rules, Palmetto is stricter on being late to your class and teachers are not supposed to let you in the classroom after the bell until you have a pass. After a certain amount of times being late you will receive punishment such as referrals, ISS, lunch detention, and even extra school.

There is one simple solution to this problem… everyone walk faster and keep walking! Many students who do not have a long walk or do not care about being late tend to walk extremely slow to have more time with their friends or whatever they are doing. Although that may be fun and all, some students have long walks all the way across campus and can not afford to be late to class. Everyone at Palmetto knows the struggles of trying to get from building 3 all the way to building 36 on time. Being on time is important to many students and teachers because if a student needs that little bit of time before the bell to finish an assignment they will have it. This can be very important to some students and everyone needs to be a bit more mindful of other students. So please do your fellow PHS students a favor and put a little pep in your step.